Driver’s Mate

Job Description

Responsibilities vary depending on the goods being transported, but typically driver’s mates assist the driver with:

  • Taking account of the delivery order
  • Checking that all the items are accounted for against delivery sheets
  • Planning routes, navigating and advising the driver about diversions
  • Helping unload goods at the delivery point
  • Removing packaging and placing items at the customer’s request
  • Obtaining delivery signatures from customers
  • Acting as a banksman for the drivers parking in tight spaces, concealed entrances or sharp corners


Previous experience is preferred

Employment Type

Full Time

Who are we looking for?

  • A proactive, considerate and hardworking team player who is used to working on strict working schedules and deadlines

  • Someone who can participate in manual handling duties, lifting up to 15kg

  • Ability to use a pump pallet truck

Additional Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that vehicles are kept in appropriate condition that defects are reported and the cab interior are kept tidy

  • Ensuring returned goods are acceptable and done according to Returns procedure

  • Communicate effectively with the co-worker in the sales office, Customer accounts, cashier office and the transport team

Perks and Benefits

Flexible Schedule

Paid Parental Leave

Pension Plan

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