Simple way to make Christmas Gingerbreads

This is a very simple way, how you can make Christmas Gingerbreads with your family!
Ingredients you will need:
Wheat flour, 300 g
Butter, 175 g
Sugar, 80 g
Cinnamon and ginger powder, half teaspoon each
Eggs, 2 pcs
Wide pot, comfortable to knead the pastry in.
How to make the pastry:
Just put all ingredients together into the pot, and knead them together till the pastry is solid. Then put it into the fridge for half an hour. You can roll the pastry now to the slim, and make the figures you need. Bake for appr. 10 mins in the 180 ºC oven.
You can buy or make your own glaze. For your home made glaze you will need:
1 egg white, appr. 100 g sugar powder, and 0,5 spoon of lemon juice.
Use the spoon to whirl the egg white, adding sugar powder little by little and letting it melt properly. At the end, when the glaze is glossy, add the lemon juice. Now you are ready to decorate your gingerbreads!
Enjoy the season!


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