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Vilniaus Bread

One of the most popular bread Agathas dark bread with sunflower seeds.☝🏻Happy to say that this bread is on offer this month in our store!🎊🎉 ❗️31%...

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Lasu Duona bread

Lasu Duona Bread

LASU DUONA Lasu Duona is a family business from generation to generation giving our customers the possibility to enjoy a natural and authentic taste of Lithuanian bread. The...

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Delicious Cottage Cheese Scone Recipe

Today, I really fancied cottage cheese scones for breakfast today so I decided to make them for the whole family. Therefore I thought it was a great opportunity to try the recipe...

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Fresh Baguette Recipe

HOW TO MAKE FRESHLY MADE WARM BAGUETTE FROM SCRATCH: Today I was cleaning up the shelves and found my great-grandmother’s recipe book among old notes. The recipe for Village...

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