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Sokolow Frankfurters

Did you know that Sokolow🇵🇱 products are available in more than 40 countries around the world, including in the European Union, the United States and the United...

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Barbecue Season Is Opened

With that bit of extra warmth and light in the evenings🌇, spring is always a popular time to get outside and barbeque. 🥩🍖 Have you tried the popular range...

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Krekenavos on Offer!

KREKENAVOS Krekenavos is the largest meat processing plant in Lithuania and the Baltic countries with 27 years of experience.Our main export markets: USA, Hong Kong, France,...

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March Meat Promotions

March Meat Promotions

 Quality & Taste  We have great offers on some Biovela, Daivida, Krekenavos, Vigesta , Kosarom, Cris Tim , Dunareu  meat’s products this...

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delicatessen meats

Delicatessen Meats

Craving for a meaty snack for your lunch? Our delicatessen has a wide range of products on offer!  We have large hot and cold smoked meat fridges where will hand cut...

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Liūtukas ir Ko image

Liūtukas ir Ko

‘Liūtukas ir Ko’ is the pioneer and leader of the production of frozen semi-manufactured goods in Lithuania and other countries. The secret of the company’s success...

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