Folded Tortillas Quesadilla Recipe Hack image

Folded Tortillas Quesadilla Recipe Hack

🥙👩🏼‍🍳Folded Tortillas Quesadilla Hack👩🏼‍🍳🥙

Finally! A little late, but as they say: better late than never. 🙌🏻For this recipe, I tried the folded tortillas hack which is very popular on social media at the moment!

I am grateful for the idea of ​​the recipe from social media. 😉 This is a great option to quickly prepare lunch. You can change the filling to suit what you have in your cupboard. 🍽

Folded Tortillas Quesadilla Recipe Hack image

You will need:

-Medium-sized tortillas

-Part 1 – Something to spread (mayonnaise, tomato sauce, cream cheese, etc.)

-Part 2 – Your favourite grated cheese.

-Part 3 – Vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, carrots, cucumbers – to taste!)

-Part 4 – pieces of chicken, turkey, tuna, tofu or your choice of protien.


1️⃣Make a cut into the tortilla halfway like the image below shows and divide it into 4 pieces in your mind. Spread half of the tortilla with the desired sauce.

2️⃣Add the desired ingredients to each part. Fold the tortilla clockwise and fry on both sides in a pan or electric grill. Delicious!

Folded Tortillas Quesadilla Recipe Hack step by step image

We hope you enjoy this recipe for the Folded Tortillas Quesadilla Recipe Hack!

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