Garlic Parmesan Smashed Potatoes

GARLIC PARMESAN SMASHED POTATOES Today I wanted to travel to nature to bake potatoes on a campfire, but, unfortunately, I had to bake them in the oven. The weather is not the sweetest. I have to admit that I got something more delicious. Will you try too? 😍 Thank you for the recipe Skanauk Aušra! […]

Buns With Curd Filling Recipe

These Buns evoke nostalgia and fragrant memories. 👵🏻🥮 Do you still remember them? It takes time to bake them, but the results are gratifying! 16 buns will be gone in to time!😋

Kale White Bean Soup Recipe

KALE AND WHITE BEAN SOUP RECIPIE Cooking this recipe is so easy and fast, and the taste will appeal to even the pickiest eaters! A Soup for all seasons! 😍🍵 We will need: -2 cans of white beans – washed with water-1 large carrot🥕- finely chopped-1 celery stalk – finely chopped-2 medium-sized potatoes – cut […]

Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding Recipe

🍧Healthy Delicious Chia Seed Breakfast Recipe🍧 Chia seeds are especially healthy and are called superfoods. They are best known as a great way to provide the body with the nutrients it needs. They can be used everywhere: delicious to sprinkle on salads, dry breakfasts or sandwiches, pour into fruit smoothies, into soups and elsewhere when […]

Spring Salad

SPRING SALAD RECIPIE Our family’s Easter was very tasty and full, so now I only want a salad for the whole week! 🥗😍 Do you still feel full? Let the plate bring brighter colours, new tastes and emotions.😻🍴 FOR THE SALAD:– 3 cups salad mix🥬-3 slices of bread🍞-200 g of cherries, cut in half, tomatoes🍅-3 […]

Scrambled Egg Cupcake Recipe

As Easter approaches, I crave an egg for breakfast! 🌞🍽 The idea of ​​the recipe was shared with me by its author, Mrs. Ernesta Gedvilienė. Tired of a fried or boiled egg? This recipe is just for you! Definitely worth a try

Bandelės Recipe

🥧 BANDELĖS 🥧 These sweet treats instantly disappear from the table! 🧾- This Bandelės Recipe is tested by myself: I RECOMMEND!

Barbecue Season

 BARBECUE SEASON IS HERE  With that bit of extra warmth and light in the evenings, spring is always a popular time to get outside and barbecue. Have you tried the popular range of our Shashlik and Sausages that we have in our stores?  Krekenavos, Biovela, Kosarom, Daivida and more have a fantastic range of meats and […]

Chicken and Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Pasta is one of those magical products that allow us to make a quick lunch, as well as a chic dinner worthy of five stars!

Tinginys Recipe

Delicious and Easy Tinginys Recipe -Also known as Lazy Cake 🎂 While thousands of different recipes can be found online these days, in my opinion, there are no better ones than the ones that our family members have entrusted to us from generation to generation. 🎂 I just wanted to remind you about this amazing […]

Folded Tortillas Quesadilla Recipe Hack

Folded Tortillas Quesadilla Hack Finally! A little late, but as they say: better late than never. 🙌🏻For this recipe, I tried the folded tortillas hack which is very popular on social media at the moment! I am grateful for the idea of ​​the recipe from social media. 😉 This is a great option to quickly […]

Cold Beetroot Soup Recipe

COLD BEETROOT SOUP This cold beetroot soup recipe is the ultimate dish in spring and summer for a refreshment: cool, creamy and gently crunchy with a gorgeous fuchsia colour that makes it even more unforgettable. It is also absolutely perfect when you simply don’t feel like cooking. For this recipe you will need:  -500 g […]

Apple and Curd Cake

APPLE AND CURD CAKE Today we share a delicious recipe sent by Mrs. Kristina, who is constantly cooking in the kitchen. 👩🏼‍🍳 For this recipe, everyday products give birth to a light but fantastic-tasting cake. It is very easy to make, so it is definitely worth a try! We encourage everyone to try this recipe […]

Borscht soup Recipe

When its cold outside why not warm up by making soup? ❄️☃️ Today we are sharing a borscht soup recipe sent by Skonio Burtai! 🙌🏻🍵 Tested by our own, we recommend beef broth 👩🏻‍🍳Very tasty! 👌🏻 ✔️ For broth we choose beef ribs or a shoulder with a bone. The most important thing is that […]

Fresh Baguette Recipe

HOW TO MAKE FRESHLY MADE WARM BAGUETTE FROM SCRATCH: Today I was cleaning up the shelves and found my great-grandmother’s recipe book among old notes. The recipe for Village Baguette caught my eye, so I thought I would give it a go. It’s cold and snowy out, so if you don’t want to travel out […]


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