Daržovių troškinys su jautiena

Beef and Vegetable Stew

Even in summer there are wet and cool days when all you crave for is hot and filling food. Meat and vegetable stew is one of the best choices for lunch. Dare to improvise: replace beef with chicken, tomatoes with zucchini, fried aubergines or thinly sliced potatoes, add some basil, oregano or rosemary.

Vasariškas Biskvitinis Pyragas su Uogomis

Sandwich Cake with Summer Berries

Warm days and mild evenings, holiday and recklessness in mind. Sweet juicy berries that stain the corners of your lips with summer. British classic Victoria sandwich cake has got a worthy Lithuanian competitor – the sandwich sponge cake! 

Pyragas su Rūkyta Skumbre

Smoked Mackerel Pie

You’ll only need few ingredients and a drop of patience to prepare a couple of delicious dishes on the night before for everyone to enjoy on the next day. One of them – smoked mackerel pie.

Keptas Aštrus Varškės Sūris

Tangy Cottage Cheese

There are many ways to enjoy cottage cheese, but one of the best ways is when you make it Tangy! 

Grietininiai ledai su Avietėmis

Ice Cream with Raspberries

Do you likeice cream? Do you like it placed in a wafer cone, on a stick or sliced like a cake?

Juodos Duonos Trupinių Desertas

Breadcrumb Dessert

Have you ever tried to take a dessert to a picnic? Try a simple, but very practical ideadesserts in jars.

Trupintas Pyragas

Mixed Fruit Pie

This easy-to-make mixed fruit pie is a real treat! 

Maltiniai su kornišonais

Meatballs & Gherkins

A simple snack, easy to make but maximum on taste! 

Šokoladiniai Varškės Virtinukai

Chocolate Cheesecakes

Chocolate cheese cakes are a favourite treat for all the family! 

Loaded Potato Skins

A loaded jacket potato is a winner for a quick and healthy dinner! 


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