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4 Valentine's Day sweet treats

Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats

Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love and to cherish your loved ones. To make your loved one feel special and celebrate them; there is no better way than treating them...

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Raffaello Cake

A LITTLE BLISS IN EVERY BITE If you’re struggling for ideas, show a little love this year with our brand new 2022 Valentines Day Raffaello Cake! Made with love by our...

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Made with Love

This romantic creation has a heart in every slice. What better way to show your love on Valentine’s Day? Cherry  & Chocolate  cake made with extra love by our bakery...

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Valentines Caramel Cake

It’s all about the dessert.  It’s what we do, always have and always will – surprising you with special Cakes made with love by our bakery team! Come...

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February is Full of Love and Discounts

February is a month full of love, happiness and in this case discounts! We are offering some amazing discounts for some of your favourite items this February. For instance, we have...

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