Scrambled Egg Cupcake Recipe

Scrambled Egg Cupcake Recipe

🍳🥚 Scrambled Egg Cupcake Recipe 🥚🍳

As Easter approaches, I crave an egg for breakfast! 🌞🍽 The idea of ​​the recipe was shared with me by its author, Mrs. Ernesta Gedvilienė. Tired of a fried or boiled egg? This recipe is just for you! Definitely worth a try

Scrambled Egg Cupcake Recipe

We will need:

-2 eggs
-A little kefir
-Mixture of grated cheese
-Favourite spices
-Coconut oil


-Heat the oven to 180 degrees (fan)

-Cut mushrooms, onion leaves and dill.
-Beat the eggs, add some kefir, add the spices and mix everything with the chopped ingredients and cheese together.
-Lubricate the baking tins with coconut oil, then fill with all the mix, but not to the top! This is to leave room for a rise in baking.
– Bake until the scrambled eggs rise and turn nicely from above.

The tastiest when egg cupcakes are served with vegetables! 🥒🥬🍅 One idea is the salad tower recommended by Ernesta:
avocado, small tomatoes, basil, paprika, garlic sprouts and everything sprinkled with lemon juice.😻👌🏻

It is so beautiful that it is even a pity to eat!


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