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Cold Beetroot Soup Recipe


This cold beetroot soup recipe is the ultimate dish in spring and summer for a refreshment🌞: cool, creamy and gently crunchy with a gorgeous fuchsia colour that makes it even more unforgettable.👌🏻

It is also absolutely perfect when you simply don’t feel like cooking.🍴

cold beetroot soup recipe image

For this recipe you will need: 

-500 g marinated beets in apple juice
-3 eggs
-200 g cucumber
-30 g dill
-50 g onion leaves
-1 l kefir
-1 pinch of salt
-a spoon of sour cream

Let’s make it: 

-Boil the eggs hard, cool and peel them. Cut into pieces.
-Cut the cucumber into small symmetrical pieces. Chop the dill and onion leaves.
-Drain most of the liquid from the beets and shake them in a large bowl. Add chopped cucumbers, greens, sour cream, and pour the kefir on top. If you like more liquid borscht, you can dilute it a little with milk or boiled water to the required consistency.
-Add salt to taste.
-Serve chilled with hot potatoes!

Easy? It really is! ☝🏻 And most importantly – it is delicious, healthy and refreshing. 🤗

Let us know if you made it too! We really hope you enjoy this cold beetroot soup recipe! Share your feedback. 📢

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