Happy Chocolate Day

The first International Chocolate Day was dedicated in 2009.🎊 The day is celebrated on July 7th☀️🌼 because it was on this date in 1550 that chocolate...

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Pink Soup

You will experience the real taste of Lithuania🇱🇹 cuisine if you taste this easy to cook soup, especially popular in Lithuania – called Pink Soup / Beetroot soup!🙌🏻😋...

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Lituanica Restaurant

Cosy restaurant Lituanica is based on traditional lithuanian cuisine.🇱🇹 Our dishes prepared with love using recipes from older generations.👵🏻💛...

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Happy Chocolate Ice Cream Day

📢🍨The Chocolate Ice Cream Day🍨📢 is celebrating every 7th of June each year.🎊 During this day, people celebrate by eating chocolate ice...

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Riga’s Classics Kvass

☝🏻😻HAVE A TASTE FOR YOUR LIFE😻☝🏻 Gutta is a juicy label created in Latvia back in 1994.👐🏻Since it first day the...

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🥔A REAL TIME FOR CLASSIC CLASSICS🥔 Estrella is a brand that for many years delights consumers with delicious and high-quality snacks.😻👌🏻...

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Sokolow Frankfurters

Did you know that Sokolow🇵🇱 products are available in more than 40 countries around the world, including in the European Union, the United States and the United...

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Cido Tomato Juice

Cido Tomato Juice – 100% highest quality tomato juice made from delicious sun-ripened tomatoes.☀️💯 We have added a sea salt🌊🧂 to it to...

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Barbecue Season Is Opened

With that bit of extra warmth and light in the evenings🌇, spring is always a popular time to get outside and barbeque. 🥩🍖 Have you tried the popular range...

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Deep-Fried Bread

🍻 Bread & Beer: The Appetiser That Will Save The Day 🍻 The most popular home-made snack in Lithuania🇱🇹 – Fried Bread With Garlic! 😋🧄...

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May Is Full Of Discounts

Have you managed to get used to planning your shopping cart?📝In order not to forget to buy the right products, prepare in advance a shopping list.🔖 🍏Needs...

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Prie Alucio

Hand made, 🙌🏻 dried mini pork sausages☀️🐷 PRIE ALUCIO which translates as NEXT TO BEER and as this suggests, they are great alongside your...

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Vilniaus Bread

One of the most popular bread Agathas dark bread with sunflower seeds.☝🏻Happy to say that this bread is on offer this month in our store!🎊🎉 ❗️31%...

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💛🧀 Svalia – Sliced Cheese🧀💛 Classic Lithuanian cheese.🇱🇹Loved for its specific pungent, spicy but subtly balanced taste...

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Giving Away Doughnuts

🌍🍴National Eat What You Want Day🍴🌍 11th of May🗓 – it’s a day when you can choose to eat anything that takes your fancy.🍽😻Quite...

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Lituanica Warehouse

Did you know that?  LITUANICA is the largest importer and distributor of Eastern European food within the United Kingdom  and Ireland. OVER 3500 BRANDS IN STOCK! LITUANICA...

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candle giveaway

Vilher Candle and Diffuser Giveaway

VILHER CANDLE AND DIFFUSER GIVEAWAY Who would like to get a hand made, natural, stylish, long lasting gift made with love? It smells so so good! This Soya candle and home...

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win loyalty points

Win 50,000 Loyalty Points

Enter our Competition on Facebook to Win Loyalty Points With the sunshine rays of spring, Easter will come to our homes and hearts. 🌞🌼 I believe it will be a...

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Lithuanian cuisine image

Lithuanian cuisine

Fresh and Tasty Lithuanian cuisine 🍴 We have been cherishing Lithuanian cuisine for many years which is why our loyal customers return every day and new customers come...

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