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Home Foods Basildon: New Year, New Store!

We are delighted to announce the opening of our brand new Home Foods Store in Basildon!

Home Foods Basildon instore
Santa with Home Food employees
Frozen products in Basildon Home foods
fresh fruit and veg in Basildon home foods

We opened the doors to Home Foods Basildon just before Christmas, with a grand opening ceremony and a special festive guest…. SANTA!

Lots of customers stopped by to visit and browse our wide range of products.

Fresh Salad Bar for delicious salads
chosen by you.
Hot food counter with different hot
food served daily and deli counter.
Get directions to our new store located in Basildon here

Home Foods Basildon:

Located in Basildon: 12 Winstanley Wy, Basildon SS14 3BP the store has lots to offer, including a hot food counter with different hot food served daily, a salad bar where you can choose and design your very own salad, fresh cream cakes made for serving and sharing, and a wide range of fresh, frozen and ambient products from all your favourite brands.

Visit our new store in Basildon and Discover a variety of fresh and frozen products from all your favourite leading brands.

Find out more!

Find out more about our Home Foods and Lituanica stores here, get information like opening hours and much more.

Home Foods Basildon, Lituanica Store

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