Khinkali frozen dumplings

New Khinkali Dumplings

Brand new khinkali dumplings

Get the authentic taste of Georgia’s favourite dish with the brand-new Khinkali dumplings. Made from twisted nobs of dough stuffed with meat, fish or vegetables and spices. New to our stores, you can find them in the frozen aisle, or if you’d like to enjoy them in stores, we also serve them as a delicious meal in our restaurant. Don’t miss this delightful culinary experience!

New Khinkali Products:

Vegan w/ mushroom
Khinkali mushroom dumplings
Beef & Lamb
khinkali beef and lamb dumplings
Beef & Pork
khinkali beef and pork dumplings
khinkali cheese dumplings
Vici – Lamb
Vici- Meat

Savour these delicious snacks just like the locals do. To eat Khinkali dumplings, hold them by the crown (usually not eaten) with your right hand, then gently lift the bottom part with your left hand, turning it upside down. Take a careful bite to create a small opening and relish the delightful juice inside. Then, enjoy the rest of the dumplings and fillings inside.

Enjoy these dumplings today; find them in-store and at our restaurant!

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