new dumplings and pancakes

New KAKÉ MAKÉ Products

The world of KAKÉ MAKÉ and NELLY JELLY is expanding, offering you even more delightful experiences to cherish. Now, not only can you immerse yourself in the captivating tales of...

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Khinkali frozen dumplings

New Khinkali Dumplings

Brand new khinkali dumplings Get the authentic taste of Georgia’s favourite dish with the brand-new Khinkali dumplings. Made from twisted nobs of dough stuffed with meat,...

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new amber bakery cakes

Amber Bakery: NEW CAKES!

Discover our irresistible selection of Amber bakery cakes, now gracing our store shelves. Indulge your taste buds with our exquisite range of delectable treats crafted with love...

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non alcoholic wine

Voruta wine

Introducing Voruta wine, a brand-new line of non-alcoholic wines. Voruta deep red wine Natural non-alcoholic black currant wine made from Lithuanian black currants....

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Sigutes’ Rye Bread

Rye bread: a rustic delight with a distinctive flavour. Made from rye flour, it offers a wholesome, hearty experience. This dense yet tender bread is perfect for various toppings...

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Krekenavos VEGGI Veggi

I love road trips,🚙 camping🏕 and grilling a lot, especially in the summer! 🌞 And I am so thankful that in the shop I can find vegan products too, especially...

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Lituanica Pancakes

I believe that everyone tasted pancakes before or even made it themselves but who likes to stay in the kitchen during summer sunny days? Have you ever tried our special Lituanica...

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Kefir Cocktail

Have You Ever Heard About Kefir Cocktail?🍶 ‘Žemaitijos Pienas’🥛Kefir Cocktail🥛is a delicious, interesting, innovative and essential product.😍👌🏻These...

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Happy Chocolate Day

The first International Chocolate Day was dedicated in 2009.🎊 The day is celebrated on July 7th☀️🌼 because it was on this date in 1550 that chocolate...

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Currently, Laima’s product portfolio includes almost 250 different products available in Latvia and abroad. 🌎😻👏🏻 We are so happy that we have...

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What is Halva?🤔 It’s a traditional sweet, which is popular in the colossal territory.😻🍭 Various sources claim that it originated in the Middle East and later...

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Kedainiu Konservai

Kedainiu Konservai is the most experienced producer in the Baltics, supplying our consumers with great-tasting products made using the best natural ingredients since 1944. They...

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Varena Curd Cheese

Varėna is mostly proud of its range of natural and chocolate glazed curd cheese bars. The diversity of recipes of these products never winds down and satisfies even the most delicate...

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Garlic Bread Crisps

GUDOBELĖ: We care about the quality – of every bite because we know you care about it, too. A flavour for every day – to satisfy the choosiest of tastes. Our range of snacks...

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Meat Dumplings

Liutukas ir Ko is the pioneer and leader of the production of frozen semi-manufactured goods in Lithuania and other countries. The secret of the company’s success lies within the...

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Tomato Sauce

Daumantai is one of the most modern and largest condiment companies in the Baltic region.🌏🙏🏻 The company is valued for product quality, innovation, transparency,...

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Riga’s Classics Kvass

☝🏻😻HAVE A TASTE FOR YOUR LIFE😻☝🏻 Gutta is a juicy label created in Latvia back in 1994.👐🏻Since it first day the...

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🥔A REAL TIME FOR CLASSIC CLASSICS🥔 Estrella is a brand that for many years delights consumers with delicious and high-quality snacks.😻👌🏻...

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