What is Halva?🤔 It’s a traditional sweet, which is popular in the colossal territory.😻🍭 Various sources claim that it originated in the Middle East and later spread out to the Balkan peninsula, North Africa and even India.🌏Nowadays, halva is a much-appreciated dessert in almost half of Europe.🙏🏻😍 Nevertheless, the Middle East still offers the widest variety of halva.👐🏻 But this sweet is more and more on-demand in other countries, notably the UK and the US, because of the excellent beneficial properties.💯😋

Halva is made from seed🌱 or nut butter🥜 like peanut butter, sunflower butter,🌻🧈 or tahini, and has a crumbly or fudge-like consistency.👌🏻

Halva is semisweet, nutty flavour and crumbly, fluffy texture are what make it a uniquely delicious treat.😍🥄

🍬You🍬Are🍬What🍬You🍬Eat🍬So🍬Eat🍬 Something🍬Sweet 🍬


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