Currently, Laima’s product portfolio includes almost 250 different products available in Latvia and abroad. 🌎😻👏🏻 We are so happy that we have top sellers in our store too! 🙌🏻🛍🛒 Let me introduce you to our best seller ZEPHYR! 😍👌🏻🥇 On offer this month! 🎊🎉It’s the perfect time to try it! 😋

Vanilla-flavoured zephyr⚪️ is a light and airy sweet that will recall a flight by hot air balloon across picturesque valleys.☁️🤍It does not contain fat and contains a natural apple🍏🍎puree containing the fibres and gelling substance necessary for the body – apple pectin.🌱

Hot summer’s day,☀️ in a small basket one after another, rosy pink raspberries roll into the brightest memories of summer…🍓 The seasons change, but slight summer nostalgia in the heart lives on at all times.💓For the taste of summer lightness and carelessness to always be with you, Laima has created a raspberry marshmallow.😻👏🏻The traditional airy treat has now got the taste of garden berry queen raspberry so that each of your days becomes saturated and juicy.❣️

Will you try them? 😻💗🍽

Marshmallow, Zephyr

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