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Voruta wine

Introducing Voruta wine, a brand-new line of non-alcoholic wines.

Voruta deep red wine

Natural non-alcoholic black currant wine made from Lithuanian black currants. This wine combines an intensive ripe berry aroma and lingering taste.

Taste and aroma:

Intensive berry aroma, rich and full sweet-and-sour taste.

Commended serving:

This wine pairs well with red meat dishes, braised game, cured wild boar ham, sausages, and long-matured cheeses.

For this wine, we recommend serving it at a temperature of 14-16°C.

Voruta light white wine

Natural non-alcoholic fruit white wine made from Lithuanian apple, pear and quince.

The non-alcoholic white fruit wine is produced according to a unique recipe from de-alcoholised apple and pear wine and flavoured with apple, pear and quince juice—no added sugar.

Taste and aroma:

Distinctive for its delicate aroma and light, fresh flavour.

This wine pairs well with white fish, poultry, curd cheese and grilled vegetable dishes.

For this wine, we recommend serving it at a temperature of 14-16°C.

Are you hosting a night in?

Do you need some snack inspiration, check out our blog on how to create the perfect charcuterie board. Why not serve it with a bottle of Voruta wine?

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