Lituanica Bookstore

Lituanica Bookstore

Did you know that the Bookstore is located on the second floor of Lituanica? 🤗📙 Celebrating its 14th birthday this year! 🎊🎂 You are always welcome,...

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Great picnic snacks

IT’S PICNIC TIME Everybody loves eating outside, and when the weather is warm and the grass is green, eating outside is a real pleasure. It is a fun way to enjoy time...

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how long should you boil your eggs?

How long should you boil your eggs?

How long should you boil your eggs? There is nothing easier than boiling eggs – we all know it well! But often the question arises, how long to cook it? There is no wrong...

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march facebook top fans

March Facebook Top Fans

THANK YOU TO OUR FACEBOOK TOP FANS! March 31 is a great day to thank you for being active in the social space: sharing, commenting, giving your time and attention to us. 🙏🏻🌸...

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Lituanica lithuanian bakery curd cheese doughnuts

Lituanica Bakery

 LITUANICA BAKERY  Cooking With Love & Baking With Heart Life is short so let’s make it sweet with our hand made to perfection freshly baked curd doughnuts...

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easter cake

Easter Cake

EASTER CAKE We will soon be celebrating Easter, which is simply unimaginable without multi-coloured eggs, the search for the biggest egg, the rolling competition, the meat...

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win loyalty points

Win 50,000 Loyalty Points

Enter our Competition on Facebook to Win Loyalty Points With the sunshine rays of spring, Easter will come to our homes and hearts. 🌞🌼 I believe it will be a...

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lituanica warehouse

Lituanica Warehouse

 LITUANICA WAREHOUSE  Today I visited the Lituanica warehouse! I could not believe: it is covering an impressive 120,000 square foot with over 250 permanent staff!  Could...

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beetroot superfood

Beetroot – The new Superfood

BEETROOT SUPERFOOD Did you know that beetroot has been gaining in popularity as a superfood? Recent studies claim that beets and beetroot juice can improve athletic performance,...

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Kubus drink

Kubus Drink

KUBUS DRINK Kubus is a natural juice made of carrots and fruit! Favoured mostly by children but also by adults due to its attractive, healthy taste. Its also has a High...

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March Lituanica Promotions cake

March Lituanica Promotions

March Lituanica Promotions MARCH IS FULL OF DISCOUNTS! Have you managed to plan your shopping cart? In order not to forget to buy the right products, prepare in advance...

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Loyalty card registration image

Lituanica Loyalty Cards

LOYALTY CARD Do you have already our Lituanica loyalty card? If not next time you’re in-store, simply pick up a registration pack, fill in the form and return it to...

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Buckwheat image


👀 BUCKWHEAT 👀 Have you ever tried it before? ⠀⠀⠀Buckwheat is a highly nutritious whole grain that many people consider to be a superfood. Among its health benefits,...

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Caprio Fruit Drinks

Available on our website we have super tasty and high in vitamin C caprio fruit drinks! Multifruit Drink 2LApple drink 2LPineapple drink 2LWhich flavour is your favourite? Mine...

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Delicious Cottage Cheese Scone Recipe

Today, I really fancied cottage cheese scones for breakfast today so I decided to make them for the whole family. Therefore I thought it was a great opportunity to try the recipe...

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Happy World Pizza Day!

Have you ever seen a food known around the world like pizza? No matter where you are, pizza is one comfort food that works as an instant pick-me-up. You may have ordered it for...

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