Traditional Biscuits: our new collection

Introducing our new range of Traditional Biscuits. From Savoury Dark Rusks with sunflower seeds & garlic to the classic Oat biscuit and Wheat Cakes, there’s a biscuit for everyone.

Have you got a sweet tooth?

Looking for a sweet treat to enjoy? Why not try our biscuit with a caramel filling for an extra sweet treat or the Vysnaite Biscuit covered in chocolate?

Explore our new range of Traditional Biscuits:

Vysnaite Biscuits

Traditional Vysnaite Biscuits

Wheat Cakes with cinnamon

 wheat cakes with cinnamon

Skruzdelynas Cake

Skruzdelynas Cake

Smelio Juosta Biscuits

Smelio juosta biscuits

Dark Rusks with Sunflower Seeds & Garlic

dark rusks Biscuits

Ziedelis Biscuits

Ziedelis Biscuits

Oat Biscuits

oat biscuits

Puriena Biscuits

Puriena biscuits

Avietele Biscuits

Suvorovo Biscuits

Zebriukas Biscuits

Biscuits with Caramel

Head to your local Lituanica store today and grab yourself a traditional and delicious sweet treat!

Looking for more!

Head over to our cookbook page and browse our wide range of recipes.

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