Tomato Sauce

Daumantai is one of the most modern and largest condiment companies in the Baltic region.🌏🙏🏻 The company is valued for product quality, innovation, transparency, international cooperation and active community activities.💯👌🏻 The best in product quality and variety.🥇

More than ten years ago, we were the first in Lithuania to produce organic condiments: mayonnaise, tomato sauce and ketchup.🙌🏻🌱

The traditional tomato sauce🍅, a true classic, is the most popular tomato sauce in Lithuania and other countries.🌍 Nine years in a row it has been recognized as the most popular product in Lithuania.🇱🇹 First acknowledged in 2003, the product maintains its leadership position till now. It remains popular and favored by customers.🏆🎊

This month we offer a discount for it!🍅🛒👌🏻 Don’t miss it out! 🙌🏻

Tomato Sauce

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