spring salad

Spring Salad


Our family’s Easter was very tasty and full, so now I only want a salad for the whole week! 🥗😍 Do you still feel full?

Let the plate bring brighter colours, new tastes and emotions.😻🍴

– 3 cups salad mix🥬
-3 slices of bread🍞
-200 g of cherries, cut in half, tomatoes🍅
-3 / 4 cup green sliced ​​olives
-125 g mozzarella, cut in half, balls
-4 tbsp hard cheese – finely grated. I recommend ‘Joy’ cheese! 💯🧀
-A few tablespoons of sunflower
-1 / 2 cup red, finely chopped onion🧅

-4 tbsp olive oil🫒
-1 tbsp lemon juice🍋
-1 tbsp red wine vinegar
-3 tbsp parsley – finely chopped
-1 tbsp dried / fresh basil, salt, pepper🧂

-Cut slices of bread. Fry in a dry pan until golden.
-Mix all salad ingredients in a bowl – except for the bread.
-Mix the dressing ingredients in a bowl and pour it over the salad.
-Serve the salad with toasted pieces of bread on top.

👩🏼‍🍳🍽 TASTY! 😋

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