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Prie Alucio

Hand made, 🙌🏻 dried mini pork sausages☀️🐷 PRIE ALUCIO which translates as NEXT TO BEER and as this suggests, they are great alongside your...

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Estrella Crisps

Estrella Crisps on Offer!

ESTRELLA CRISPS – SIMPLE RECIPE & IMPRESSIVE TASTE Estrella is a brand that for many years has delighted our customers with delicious and high-quality snacks. Estrella...

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Svalya - Classic Cheese Snack

Svalya – Classic Cheese Snack

Svalya – Classic Cheese Snack In our store we have many different types of cheese for everyone’s taste! Let’s talk today about classic cheese snack SVALYA...

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pik-nik cheese

Pik-Nik Cheese

Pik-Nik Classic Fresh Cheese Strings Children are particularly fond of the playful structure of the Pik-Nik Classic cheese sticks.  Considering children’s nutrition,...

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Curd Cheese Bars Dadu children image

Curd Cheese Bars Dadu!

Curd cheese bars DADU are a firm favourite in all Baltic countries! A snack to be enjoyed at any time of the day. It’s loved the most by our little ones. Try all different...

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