Svalya - Classic Cheese Snack

Svalya – Classic Cheese Snack

🧀Svalya – Classic Cheese Snack 🧀

In our store we have many different types of cheese for everyone’s taste!

Let’s talk today about classic cheese snack SVALYA – original smoked cheese snack. It is made from top-quality cheese and butter using unique technology.

These small cheese snacks are naturally smoked in the smokehouse! Could you believe it? They have a mild and slightly sweet taste with a delicate aroma of smoke. It is a perfect snack for a picnic, break time, party or sharing with friends.🎊

100 % natural ingredients, Natural and Healthy, Unique and nutritious, Bite-sized, Gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Is it anything else to add?🙄 Yes, yes, almost forgot – it has a special price this month in our store!🛒🎉

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