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Borscht soup Recipe

When its cold outside why not warm up by making soup? ❄️☃️ Today we are sharing a borscht soup recipe sent by Skonio Burtai! 🙌🏻🍵 Tested by our own, we recommend beef broth 👩🏻‍🍳Very tasty! 👌🏻

✔️ For broth we choose beef ribs or a shoulder with a bone. The most important thing is that when we cook, we will have delicious meat.

✔️We choose the quantities of soup products according to the size of the pot and the desired thickness so make this soup to your preference

✔️Ukrainian borscht is always fuller and tastier when boiled with cabbage.

✔️Golden rule – we use pickled beets for this recipie

✔️Most housewives fry the onion with carrots, but I always boil instead of fry the veg.

▶ ️Ingredients

▫️Beef broth






▫️Boiled grated beets

▫️A tablespoon of tomato sauce

▫️Bay leaves

▫️Salt, pepper, sweet pepper powder


▶ Method

▫️To cook the beef, we add the meat to the pan and fill it with water to bring to a boil. Drain and set it aside.

▫️We then bring the broth to a boil, seasoned with spices and bay leaves for about 1 – 1.5 hours. After cooking, we boned and cut the meat and add it to the soup.

▫️We finely chop the onion and cabbage, grate the carrots, squeeze the garlic and tomato paste and add to the broth.

▫️Boil for about 10 minutes, then add the sliced ​​potatoes and beets.

▫️Cook until the potatoes are soft then serve with dill.

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