Ice Cream with Raspberries

Do you likeice cream? Do you like it extremely cold or soft when it starts to melt slightly, placed in a wafer cone, on a stick or sliced like a cake? Variety ofice cream flavors availablein summer turns heads. Haveyou ever tried to make ice creamat home?What might look like a complicated process at first glance is actually surprisinglysimple.This time you won’t needan ice creammaking machineor complex recipesrequiringa lot ofingredients. Try this creamyice creamwith raspberries – easy to make, delicious and it only requires four ingredients.Select anyberries you likeorthe ones that are easily available on the season. Stirring insome of your favoritejam willbe just as tasty.



  • 400ml 30% fat sour cream
  • 1/4 glass milk
  • 100g sugar (take into consideration the sweetness of the berries)
  • 300 graspberry
  • pinch of vanilla sugar (optional, to taste)

Beat the cream, milk, sugar and vanilla sugar (if you’re using it) in the deep bowl. Leaveto stand for10 minutesuntil the sugardissolves.

Rinseand crushthe raspberries. If youdon’t likeraspberry seeds run crushed berries through a sieve.

Stir in the crushed berries into the cream mixture and pour in to  a sealable container. Place it in the freezer for an hour. Take the container out and whisk ice cream mass with a spoon or electric mixer. That way little ice crystals will break and ice cream will become smoother. Place the container back in the freezer and repeat the process 3-4 more times. After that leave the icecream to solidify.

If you’re using an ice cream making machine follow manufacturer’s instructions.

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