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Kėdainių Konservai

They are the most experienced canned vegetable, sauce and mayonnaise producer in the Baltics, supplying our consumers with great-tasting products made using the best natural ingredients since 1944.

They are local market leaders with their own brand in the categories of:

🔸Mayonnaise, mayonnaise-based spreads

🔸Tomato sauces, ketchups

🔸Canned vegetables

🔸Ready meals: soups, salads and stews

🔸Sweet preserves and jams

The products are recognized for their taste and have been awarded for their popularity many times by local and international organizations.🥇

We have a full selection of Kėdainių konservai in our stores. 🛒 Guarantee it will be hard to choose one as they are all so delicious that you just want to have it all.🙌🏻

My favourite is ‘Goulash Soup’! 😋👌🏻 It takes only 3 minutes to make it. ⏰. It is very tasty!!!🍵

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