Kėdainių Koncervai sorrel soup

Sorrel Soup


Very tasty sorrel soup straight from childhood!😻🍵👌🏻

Sour Kėdainiai Soup with smoked bacon – without preservatives, made from chopped, pleasantly sour leaves, seasoned with potatoes, carrots, onions and smoked bacon according to a special recipe.

In one jar: 3-4 servings of sorrel soup. This month, buy Kėdainiai Canned Food cheaper in our stores. Discounts apply in our monthly promotions!

Kėdainių Koncervai is the best-known brand of canned products in Lithuania, and its products are exported to as many as 24 countries! 🌏 We are glad that there are so many delicious Kėdainių Koncervai on our shelves. production! 😍🛒


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Kėdainių Koncervai, sorrel, Soup


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