Giving Away Doughnuts

🌍🍴National Eat What You Want Day🍴🌍

11th of May🗓 – it’s a day when you can choose to eat anything that takes your fancy.🍽😻Quite a refreshing change when we are all so stressed about what we eat.🙏🏻

It was a husbandand wife team👩‍❤️‍👨 that came up with the idea of a day when you shouldn’t be feeling guilty about what you eat.🍯🍿🎂The idea was to create a day when people could let go of their food hang-ups and live a little.🍦🧁🍭

The name of the day kind of gives it away.😍👌🏻Eat whatever you want, it’s really that simple. Don’t worry about calories and have a day enjoying what you eat for a change.❣️Not sure what to try new?🤭🙄 Come and see us TOMORROW🎊🎊🎊We will give away hundreds of hundreds little doughnuts to our all customers!🍩🍩🍩 Freshly baked everyday by our amazing bakery’s team.🙏🏻❗️💯%

So let’s meet tomorrow at 12 am? 🧁🤝

Say YES to Spurgos! 😻🍩

Unit 4C, Beckton Retail Park, Alpine Way London, E6 6LA

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