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Jazz Cheesecakes – The Story of your favourite snack!

We love cheesecakes, and we have been creating Jazz Cheesecakes for over ten years using our traditional curd recipe, with milk🍶 directly sourced from local farms. We wanted to make a cheesecake that would stand out from all the others.❣️ One that would appeal to children and adults alike. One that would be excellent value for money. One that would have enough options. There is always something for everyone.😍🙌🏻

Using dark chocolate🍫 and a natural pasteurised formula, we have managed to create the perfect cheesecake.❤️💯👌🏻 We also make our cheesecakes larger than the average snacks because there is always room for more cheesecakes.✅

We have a wide range of flavours, from the classic Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry to the more unique flavours of Poppy seeds and Condensed Milk; with so many options, there is always something for everyone.

Find your favourite jazz cheesecakes in stores today!

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