dziugas cheese

Dziugas Cheese

Cheese puts a smile on your face! Especially if it is DZIUGAS CHEESE 💛

Dziugas is an average maturity cheese, offering a harmony of intensive aromas. Characterized by a rather intense and spicy flavour with gentle notes of dried fruit, as well as a delicate cracking of individual calcium salt crystals, indicating the beginning of a new cheese maturation stage.🤗

It has a strong yellow matte rind 18-month hard cheese DZIUGAS is an excellent snack cheese.

Seasoned with honey and served with grapes🍇, olives🫒and nuts🥜 will fit well with refreshing wine of your choice.🍷

Feeling up to some cooking?🧑🏻‍🍳 This cheese is excellent for seasoning various salads🥗, pasta🍜, rice🍙 and dumplings🥠, bringing out the piquant flavour of chicken, veal or duck dishes.

We strongly recommend everyone to try!🧀 It is our customer’s favourite for many years. All April it has a special price too. Grab it while stock lasts. 

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